Kabunyeria - Medium Roast Kenyan

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One of the few coffees hand selected at auction, this single-origin specialty coffee was chosen for its quality and unique flavors.  Perfect for gifting or grabbing for yourself! 

Kabunyeria ("Kah-boon-YAIR-ee-uh"), from Nandi county in the North Rift of western Kenya -- where many great Kenyan marathon runners hail from -- is mellow and creamy, with chocolate notes.

Feel good knowing the coffee you're sipping or sending was ethically sourced, and the farmer who hand-picked your morning brew was paid fairly.

Available in regular 1 lb or bulk 5 lb disposable bags OR order 1 lb in our eco-friendly refillable Coffee-Vac container and receive $5 off this order, PLUS save $2.00 off per pound when you bring your container in to refill with your favorite Zabuni coffee!

Choose from whole bean or ground.  Specify your favorite brew method in the 'special instructions' area when adding the product to your cart for the ideal grind size.  (The default is best for drip coffee makers.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Bob Chilcoat
Mighty good

Ordered the Kabunyeria some time back and finally brewed a pot full today. I should not have waited so long! Very nice smooth flavor and not a hint of bitterness or acidic after taste. This may be the best coffee I’ve ever made here at home! I’ll definitely be ordering more!

Jason Amick
My morning cup of ahhhh

I love a fresh cup of Kabunyeria in the morning. Okay, I enjoy it any time of day. I like my coffee straight, with nothing added. Kabunyeria has such a wonderful flavor and aroma. It is hands-down my favorite.

Mary Frerichs
great for gift giving

I have had this coffee before and love the taste. Smooth and rich and satisfying. I bought a bag as a Christmas gift for a fellow coffee lover because I know they will love it too.

Our favorite!

Best way to start our day is with a cup or two of Kabunyeria! It’s smooth with a light chocolate taste, such a delightful roast! Our favorite!

Grow Nebraska

WE love this coffee! You can go wrong with what you choose at Zabuni!

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