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Looking for a better, more environmentally-friendly way to store your favorite coffee?  Coffee-Vac is your new best friend!  Built with a patented valve system, this sleek black container creates a partial vacuum seal that allows coffee to "degas" without letting in oxygen, moisture, or light so your coffee stays at peak freshness longer.  Small enough to fit in your cupboard, stylish enough to sit on your counter! 

We love being able to offer a coffee transportation and storage method that won’t end up in a landfill for a century.  Coffee-Vac containers are made from durable, recyclable, food-safe plastic.  Stop in anytime and refill your Coffee-Vac with Zabuni coffee and save $2.00 off per pound as our way of saying "thank you" for helping us make coffee production more sustainable.

Also great for storing tea, herbs, medicines, or almost any wet or dry goods.

Approximately 7-3/4" tall.  Holds up to 1 pound of coffee.

** This Coffee-Vac container is sold as a stand-alone product and will arrive empty.  To purchase a filled container and save $5, please see any of our roasted coffee options and select "16oz refillable container." **

Choose from black container with white or black logo, or white container with black logo.

Customer Reviews

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Amy Vauthier
Definitely ordering again

Coffee smells and tastes amazing.the containers are beautiful. So glad we found out about this wonderful company. Many thanks to "Our Tribe of Many" for the review on their vlog.

Dani Klute
Zabuni is AWESOME!!

I purchased the Father’s Day variety pack for my husband and father-n-law. The labels were so fun and creative, plus they both have commented several times how great the coffee is! I also purchased 4 of the vacuum seal coffee containers for them, and each of my 2 sons, all with a different color of label. Let me tell you, it was a BIG dilema which one they liked best! They LOVED them all, and each was pretty excited about choosing colors, and ultimately, they all got their favorite one. BONUS!! Zabuni has quickly become the highly favorite coffee at this house! The variety pack is always a great gift and the best way to sample each of their flavors. Why buy anywhere else when you get AMAZINGLY FRESH roasted coffee right here in Nebraska and supporting a local business, all at the same time. THANKS ZABUNI!! We’ll be back soon!!!

Kris Yockey

I ordered online on a Friday night, and the order was delivered by noon on Saturday. I was really impressed by that! The coffee was a gift for my Dad.

Best Coffee Around!

LOVE this coffee! Gets delivered ASAP to your door which is so convenient!

Great storage container

Love this container. Keeps whole or ground beans fresh. Love opening it just to get the aroma of the wonderful coffee!!

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