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This boxed set includes 10 oz each of three variations of our popular Igegania coffee, allowing you to explore the nuances and diversity of coffee a single coffee origin.  Enjoy switching up your morning coffee routine throughout the week, or create the perfect weekend sensory adventure and brew up all three for side-by-side comparison.  (See product video for tips on how to do this.)

These three delightful variations come from coffee cherries that were handpicked at the same time, from the same trees near Igegania, Kenya, a village name which means "miracle." 

After milling, where the fruity pulp and parchment (hard bean casings) are removed, the beans are sorted by size to ensure a uniform roast. AA, AB, and PB denote the screen sizes of the beans. Because of the slight differences in bean size and density, the roasting process results in three similar, yet distinct coffees.

Normally, the pit of each coffee cherry would split in two once the parchment casing is removed, giving two coffee beans per cherry, but peaberry (PB) beans are a "defect" where the two halves stay fused together, essentially yielding one smaller, more dense bean with the flavor intensity of two!

While exploring the nuances of the Trifecta, enjoy trying to identify both the common and unique attributes of the coffee each bean size produces.

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Quick Shipping. Nice presentation in the box.

Unique gift

I bought this as a gift, which has not, at this time, been opened. However, the recipients love coffee, and I like the idea of supporting small farmers and businesses. I will order again.

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