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Making delicious and residue-free cold brew coffee is simple and mess-free with the Toddy® Cold Brew System!

Requires no electricity -- just mix coarse-ground coffee beans with cool water and let it steep overnight.  Using time instead of heat to make your coffee results in a smooth, rich coffee with all the wonderful natural flavor but without all the acidity.  The Toddy's double filtration system keeps grit out of your cup and make cleanup a breeze.  Coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold!

The Toddy can also be used to make tea concentrate!



Brewing container
Brewing container lid
Brewing handle
Silicone plug
Glass decanter
Decanter lid
Reusable felt filters (2)
Paper filter bags (3)

To use:

Make sure rubber plug and filters are in place.  Pour 12 oz of coarse-ground coffee in the paper filter bag.  Twist bag closed and then saturate with 7 cups of cold or room-temp water.  Cover with lid and let sit on your counter or in your fridge for 12-24 hours.  Place brewing container on top of decanter and remove rubber plug to strain.  This creates a cold brew coffee concentrate. 

To drink, dilute with water, milk, or dairy substitute.  Mix to taste using 1 part coffee concentrate to 1-3 parts water or milk to obtain the desired strength.  For iced coffee, pour over ice.  For hot coffee, mix with steaming hot water.

Click here for full manufacturer instructions.

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Jill H
Good stuff

I am enjoying using my Toddy

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