Cold Brew Shandy -- Cora's refreshing summer fave!

This is one summer treat I can't get enough of, and I want to share with you!

A shandy is typically made with cider or beer, diluted about half and half with lemonade.  We have our own twist on this, using coffee instead.


First, make your cold brew concentrate.  It's super simple!

Cold brew is different from iced coffee.  Iced coffee is brewed hot, then poured over ice to cool it down.  Cold brew is "brewed" without heat, by letting the coffee grinds sit in water at room temp or in the fridge, but for a longer period of time (usually overnight, or while you're at work for the day).  Because no heat is used, the result is a more clear, robust, less acidic coffee.

To make cold brew concentrate: In a medium pitcher, soak 12 oz of coffee grinds (preferably course ground) in 7 cups of cool water.  Give the grinds a stir to make sure they are all saturated and below water level.  Cover and let sit for 10-16 hours, then strain out the grounds by slowly pouring through a coffee filter.  A Toddy Cold Brew System can make the straining process even more quicker, with no mess, and comes with a nice glass storage pitcher as well.

Dilute the coffee concentrate with lemonade

Use any kind of lemonade you like.  I personally like the kind that comes in a frozen concentrate because I can keep it on hand in my freezer and mix it up fresh right when I need it, plus I can alter the sweetness level by diluting it to my taste.

I recommend starting with a ratio of 3 parts lemonade to 1 part cold brew concentrate, and gradually adding more coffee concentrate until you find a balance that's perfect for your tastes.  Coffee flavor too overpowering?  Just add water!

Each batch of cold brew tends to come out a little bit different depending on grind size, water temp, and how long it steeps but, as for myself, I usually end up liking my shandy mixed at approximately the following 4-3-2-1 ratio:

4 c. Lemonade
3 c. Cold brew coffee concentrate
2 c. water
1 tsp. vanilla extract

3. Adding a splash of vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is the "secret" ingredient that really adds depth and complexity to an otherwise simple drink, it balances out the sweetness and complements the coffee flavors very well, giving the whole drink a new level of sophistication.

Stir to mix.  Serve over ice, and enjoy!

Store remaining shandy (if there is any!!) in a pitcher in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

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