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Connections Roasting Development (dba Zabuni Specialty Coffee) is a sister company to our wholesale green coffee platform.  While our wholesale and auction platform serves commercial roasters nationally and internationally with specialty green coffee, our retail shop was created to meet the needs of our beloved South Central Nebraska community.  We offer freshly-roasted and ethically-sourced specialty coffee, as well as provide the fast-growing home roasting demographic in the US with affordable, high-quality Kenyan coffee.  We strive to increase awareness and educate consumers about quality coffees and their origins, and about the farmers and the communities that work hard to produce these fantastic beans but yet receive the least reward for it.

Our shop features coffees purchased from the Zabuni wholesale platform, which has the largest selection of specialty Kenyan coffees sourced directly from farmers and an unprecedented pay scale where a minimum of 80% of the Green Purchase Price (GPP) returns to the farmer. This is unheard of in the coffee world but we are doing it.  Our primary goal is to ensure the long-term survival of the communities and families that produce these incredible coffees by investing back in them financially and enabling them to have direct access to the North American market. That is why what we do has to be a collective effort between farmers, Zabuni, and the buyers/consumers.  We walk this journey together so as to ensure the sustainability of the coffees we have all grown to love.  For more information on Zabuni please visit zabunicoffee.com 


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