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Can't decide which coffee to get?  Looking for a great gift?  Our sample sets are a favorite place for new customers to start and a great way to keep a variety of freshly roasted coffee on hand.  Each sample set contains one 4 oz. bag of EACH of the coffees listed.

The coffees showcased in the Ethiopian Sample Set are: 

  • Washed Yirgacheffe -- Classic sweet and floral Yirgacheffe flavor 
  • Natural Bombe -- Fruity, wild berry notes
  • Anaerobic -- Anaerobic processing brings out a subtle red wine quality in this bean
  • Dark Shantawene -- Bold and smooth, with chocolate notes

The Kenyan Sample Set features:

  • Igegania -- Kikuyu for "miracle" -- is fruity, with notes of vanilla and blueberry, our office favorite!
  • Bingwa -- Swahili for "champion" -- is a remarkable, fruity coffee, with notes of tea and baker’s chocolate
  • Original Dark Roast -- A bold, sweet, and chocolate-y option for fans of darker roasts.  One of our top sellers! 
  • Kabunyeria -- Produced by Kabunyeria Farmers Cooperative Society, this medium roast is creamy and chocolatey with citrus notes

OR get the best of both worlds with our larger Mixed Sample Set !  Includes three of our Kenyan favorites as well as our Dark and Natural Ethiopians PLUS a new Ethiopian variety as well:

  • Kenya Igegania
  • Kenya Kabunyeria 
  • Kenya Original Dark Roast
  • Ethiopia Natural
  • Ethiopia Dark 
  • Ethiopia Washed Bombe -- A medium roast Ethiopian with all the wonderful brightness you'd expect from a "washed" coffee.

Choose from whole bean or ground.  Specify your favorite brew method in the 'special instructions' area when adding the product to your cart to receive your ideal grind size.  (The default is for drip coffee makers.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Rich, smooth, wonderful flavors

What a perfect gift for coffee lovers and those who are broadening their coffee palette! You will enjoy this sampler set to discover which one is your favorite or just to enjoy something new each day. The coffees are full of rich flavors— no cream or sugar is needed. This will be my go to gift. Happy to submit Kenyan farmers.

Robert Meredith

I LOVED the very fresh (recent) roasting dates hand written on each bag. THANKS Cora and all! And, of course the coffee was awesome!

Bob & Patty

Marsha Carlson

Sampler Sets **BEST SELLER!**

Heather Olerich
So so good!!

These coffee samples are the perfect size to try! Every single one of them is very delicious and has very distinct flavors!

Richard L.
Best way to find your favorite

You can find a favorite by trying a sampler. Many types to choose from.

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