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A very unique Kenyan coffee blend roasted to perfection just for you, the Mamba Espresso is perfectly suited for espresso drinks.  It's slap-your-mama good! 

Unlike most roasters who look to increase margins by creating espresso blends that mix a small percentage of better coffee beans with a majority of lower-quality beans, our blends are made of 100% specialty-grade coffee.  We never compromise on flavor!

Plus, you can feel good knowing the coffee you're sipping was ethically sourced and the farmer who hand-picked your morning brew was paid fairly.

Available in regular 1 lb or bulk 5 lb disposable bags OR order 1 lb in our eco-friendly refillable Coffee-Vac container and receive $5 off this order, PLUS save $2.00 off per pound when you bring your container in to refill with your favorite Zabuni coffee!

Choose from whole bean or espresso grind.  

Note:  "Espresso grind" is a fine powder specially for use in espresso makers (machines that quickly force hot water through tightly packed coffee powder at high pressure to make a coffee concentrate).  Espresso grinds will not work in other types of coffee makers.  If you do not own an espresso machine please choose the regular "drip" grind or specify your favorite brewing method and we will grind accordingly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

As always Zabuni coffee is the best & the service is amazing!

Kathryn Weitz

I love having local connection to espresso from Kenya. Thank you for what you do for our community.

Courtney Lamberson


Laurie Anderson
The best espresso!!

I love the Zabuni Coffee Mamba Espresso. It is by far the best espresso I have ever tried!!

Andrew Pedersen
Best coffee!

Coffee is the best you can get! Gave mamba espresso a try 1 year ago and have not found anything that even comes close to how good their coffee is!

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