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"Natural" coffee refers to a processing method in which the entire coffee cherry fruit is first sun-dried before removing the beans from the center (as opposed to "washed" coffees where the fleshy fruit is washed away before drying).  When the beans dry with the coffee fruit's flesh still attached, more of the fruit's natural sugars are absorbed into the beans, resulting in a sweeter coffee.  Natural coffees do well as light roasts, as lower heat allows more of the absorbed flavors to remain intact while preventing a burnt flavor from overheating the dried fruit residue that remains on the beans after milling.

Expect a sweet, wild-berry-like note from this light roast coffee.

Available in regular 1 lb or bulk 5 lb disposable bags OR order 1 lb in our eco-friendly refillable Coffee-Vac container and receive $5 off this order, PLUS save $2.00 off per pound when you bring your container in to refill with your favorite Zabuni coffee!

Choose from whole bean or ground.  Specify your favorite brew method in the 'special instructions' area when adding the product to your cart for the ideal grind size.  (The default is best for drip coffee makers.)

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Darla Valasek

This coffee has a great flavor combination and smells even better.

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