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Anaerobic coffees are created with a method similar to wine-making, by fermenting coffee cherries in tanks with water and yeast and without oxygen.  This is a relatively new processing method in which the various parameters (such as amount of yeast or total fermentation time) are often experimented with in order to yield a wide variety of coffee flavor profiles from a single lot of coffee.

An extra 52 hours of soaking time during the anaerobic fermentation process helps this Sidamo Bombe retain its natural fruitiness while also adding a noticeable red-wine note that is as delicious as it is unique.

Available in regular 1 lb or bulk 5 lb disposable bags OR order 1 lb in our eco-friendly refillable Coffee-Vac container and receive $5 off this order, PLUS save $2.00 off per pound when you bring your container in to refill with your favorite Zabuni coffee!

Choose from whole bean or ground.  Specify your favorite brew method in the 'special instructions' area when adding the product to your cart for the ideal grind size.  (The default is best for drip coffee makers.)

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A unique flavor for any time...

Laban recommended I try out the Ethiopia Anaerobic and I wasn't disappointed. It has a fruity aroma while it's brewing and the pleasant flavorful notes make this a unique cup of coffee. We definitely enjoy this one and will be restocking our cupboard with it when we run out.

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